MSDS Authoring Services

Using our core Chempliance Authoring Module, our regulatory team is able to author Materials Safety Data Sheets in over 40 languages that comply with Canadian , US or European requirements.

Chempliance™ – Authoring Application

  This authoring module is our “best-in-class’ software that facilitates the creation and maintenance of quality multilingual MSDSs in compliance with current and future regulatory requirements, including the pending (GHS) Globally Harmonized System. The underlying principle of our development and regulatory team is to produce a comprehensive program that would embrace and adapt to current and future regulatory dynamics. MSDSs created or managed within Chempliance™ are efficiently monitored against pertinent regulatory changes that can impact employee safety, as well as vulnerability to governmental fines. We have also included many administrative features that will assist in managing the information flow between our clients and the regulatory department. Essentially, this will enhance document-development efficiency.

ChemAdvisor’s LOLI®

We are fully integrate with ChemAdvisor’s LOLI® regulatory and advisory database of over 1700 regulatory references. The efficient implementation of regulatory wizards and rules throughout the program allows for efficient and accurate authoring and while maintaining a high level of quality. Our system automates the gathering of accurate ingredient based regulatory and toxicological data.

MSDS Translation Service

No Need to look into a dictionary we have it here for you through our translation service
MSDS Translations Services is a multilingual application that supports MSDS authoring in more than 40 languages. Our extensive library of standard phrases, chemical names and regulatory references is continually updated to meet European Union Directives, GHS and the new REACH legislation planned for the European union.

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